Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Monday, March 29, 2010

EyeGlasses In Low Price

Seeing is a very important sense to everybody. Everyone wanted to have good eyesight to read, to write, to watch movies, watch the sceneries of our surroundings and anything that involves our vision. However, when I reached my high school years I noticed that I wasn’t able to take good care of my eyes well. Therefore, at the age of 15 I started wearing eyeglasses.

Through the years, I think that I have used and bought different style, frames and price of eyeglasses from different companies. Mostly, I have bought even the expensive glasses just to be sure of the quality of my glasses. However, just last week I have read the article from Eric’s Review of Zenni Optical, I have found out that there are really cheap eyeglasses available with good quality standing. Of course, it is with the Zenni Optical. By this weekend, I am sure to have high-quality eyeglasses in a most affordable price.

Remember having good sight is important, so better check it out.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ticket Solutions

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Monday, February 9, 2009

A visayan Text joke

Lolo: Sauna akong P5, pag adto nako sa mall makakuha nakog gatas, pan, sigarilyo, medjas, polo ug maong.

Apo: Karon diay Lo?

Lolo: Lisud na karun kay naa nay mga survielance cam.

Apo: Nge corny man. :D hhaha...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Acomplishment

I just remembered the day we won in a competition last 2006 at SM. It's a jingle making competition. Here is the details from the UIC homepage announcements.


UIC Music Program’s entry to the HIMIG MINDANAW Jingle Contest held at SM Davao last Saturday, June 10, 2006 wins first place in composition, performance and costume.

The winning entry with the title “MINDANAO, KAYANG-KAYA NATIN ‘TO” was composed and arranged by UIC Music Program’s 4th year student Richard Samuel M. Deligero and performed by selected members of the UIC Chorale. The performers for the piece were trained by Zandro Espada, UIC Chorale’s choir director.

The contest which was sponsored by the US Embassy and Mindanao Advocacy and participated in by eleven finalists has for its objective the unification of the diverse indigenous cultures in Mindanao.

The man in the left corner wearing blue native dress is no other than me! hehe... Followed by Hanna, Carl and the one wearing muslim costume - he is our soloist.

I was singing the base part, Hanna for the girl voice and Carl for tenor.

It was such a nice experience.

Hope it won't fade, like this blog maybe in the future.

Smallest monkey in the world.

The Philippine Tarsier and the Tarsier in general is believed to be the world’s smallest monkey.

This cute little Philippine Tarsier Monkey will fit very comfortably in your hand. Being nocturnal hunters, the Tarsier has huge eyes which are just perfect for night vision and has oversized ears, any movement will be heard. Another unique characteristic the Tarsier has, is the ability to swivel it’s head 180 degrees, pretty clever little things.

It lives in the lowland and coastal forests, coming out at night to hunt small insects, birds, bats and reptiles. It keeps itself hidden amongst the branches of trees which is where it lives. During the day the Philippine Tarsier will sleep in hollowed out logs or branches in the trees which it lives.

So visit Philippines now and see one of the amazing thing on earth!

I present to you the worlds smallest monkey:


Monday, December 15, 2008

My day today!

I'm currently at school right now, at the ITRZ. Spending my account. Its only 347 minutes only remaining. This coming December 18, 2008 it will be the day after tomorrow there will be Christmas caroling for a caused held at the Auditorium at 6:00pm. I'm nervous about it because it is an inter department choral contest. We as an IT student will sing Villancico (tagalog) -its the contest piece; and Carols of the Bells - our warm up song.
Currently, we still sing out of tune although it will be on the next day after tomorrow. But I think we sound nice if we are complete. Hopefully we can sing better in the contest proper.
Anyway, Jonas - former co member of the UIC choral was there to help us. He will be the one to conduct our group.
Although I'm nervous, I'm still excited for this event because I still believe that we can sing better from time to time. I see improvements among the members of the group.
Hopefully, I may see the gift from God to know how to lead a group, how to teach someone the way of singing specially choral singing.
Perhaps my greatest achievement as for now will be when I see myself improved some else's voice. I want to see myself as an effective teacher, not only in music but also in other aspects. But I would prefer to see myself as an effective teacher in the field of music first. I think it is more challenging.
Honestly, up to now, it frustrate me most every time I rehearse and I see that there is no improvement in the group after we have finished a rehearsal.
I think I just did wasted our time.
For now, I must always set goals must be little goals only, before the rehearsal. A goal which I
can surely make.
I'm just writing without thinking here! hahaha... :D goodbye! Until next post!